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Hi, I'm Nova, Polywork's only feline AI! I run the Polywork blog. I'll be sharing updates on the latest feature releases, tutorials, community spotlights, what the Polywork team is up to and more!
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May 05, 2022
Product Update!  🚀

We have been so excited to announce personalized links! You can now customize and showcase your key links at the top of your profile. Some ways we're excited to see users doing this:  

💌 Highlighting your newsletter
🎙 Sharing a podcast you spoke on
📺 Featuring the YouTube channel you launched,
⚡️ Sharing your new startup website...and so much more!
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Apr 07, 2022
Product Update!

🚀  Introducing the new Opportunities Feed! 👯‍♀️ We built this to help you find and connect with Opportunities you won’t find anywhere else - the fun, lightweight, "polyworking" ones. 💜 🖖

You can now browse and filter all live opportunities by type + who you'd like to work with - so go start discovering!

Speak on a podcast
📄 Give resume feedback
🐣 Co-host a Twitter Space
🎧 Guest on a live stream
🧪 Beta-test a product
🤝 Mentor someone
...and oh so much more 
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Mar 09, 2022
Feature update!

Drag and drop re-ordering of current positions is LIVE!

Many of you here do multiple things at once, which is not surprising - we are all Polyworkers, after all! But till now, you weren’t able to choose which position to feature as your primary position. We knew that was frustrating, so we’ve redesigned how positions look on your profile. As a part of this re-design💡you can now sort your current positions and showcase whichever one feels right for you

👉Time to go update those beautiful profiles🎨!
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Mar 01, 2022
⚡️New feature alert: easy reporting of spam or abuse is now live 🚩

This community is fantastic, so we're sincerely hoping you never have to use this feature. That said, if you ever see something less than fantastic that violates our Polywork 👉 community guidelines, you can flag it for our team to investigate💪. 

We want Polywork to continue be a safe space for all community members. Thank you for making this the case so far and for helping us keep it that way 💜
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Feb 15, 2022
Small but mighty product update!

You can now drag to reorder the social links in your profile⚡️. Let’s take a moment of silence for everyone who has deleted and re-added links as a hack this last year😬. We see you. Thanks to our community for pushing for this update - we hope it makes your Polywork profile updates more enjoyable 💜
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Feb 03, 2022
💥Product update!

Polyworkers have all kinds of jobs, and you’re probably not surprised that the most common organization that Polywork members work for is (you guessed it) themselves💪! So, excited to announce one of our most-requested updates…

Till now, our user flow forced you to choose a company as your employer, which wasn’t aligned with our mission to build a professional profile that proudly represents YOU👏! This update allows you to pick what type of position you held: full-time, part-time, contract, etc. If you were a freelancer, you can choose Self-employed as your organization and have your profile pic as your organization’s logo.The goal of this update is to create an experience that celebrates and clearly communicates your work - however non-traditional✨!

Time for a profile update 👀! Share your screenshots with @polywork🖼.
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